Migrate from the obsolete Vanilla 1 to the brand new Vanilla 2 forum software

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You have an outdated forum based on the Vanilla 1 software ? You want to be up-to-date ?  No problem !  I gonna explain to you how to upgrade from Vanilla 1 to the brand new Vanilla 2 forum software !

Upgrade, that's easy !

You'll see it ! It's not a huge task for you to upgrade from Lussumo Vanilla 1 to the new version named Vanilla 2 (2.81). First, check that you can upgrade you PHP server to PHP 7.3; Don't do it but check if you can. If your are on a shared server or any hosting plan, you can find this under "php settigns" or "php.ini settings". If you do self-hosting, you'll have to update by hand, but don't do it now ! We gonna use Vanilla Porter to export your forum data so stay on your php version (if you use Vanilla 1 it should be 5.4 to 5.6). But what's Vanilla porter? Smple! Vanilla Porter is a php tool that can export your forum database (mostly whatever forum software you are using) into a signle export file readable by Vanilla 2, to migrate ! The Porter works for a lot of different forum softwares (Vanilla 1, phpBB, MyBB, SMF, PunBB, FluxBB, jforum, advanced forum, bbpress, Invision Power Board, NodeBB, SimplePress, vBulletin, xenForo and more !) but here we gonna talk about Vanilla 1, the first Vanilla forum software on the internet, released between 2006 and 2012 for the latest one, wich is still widely used (see this post on OpenVanilla french website). Let's get started !

Download Vanilla Porter !

To download Vanilla Porter script, click the k=link below: https://open.vanillaforums.com/addon/porter-core (official Vanilla website) and click "Download Now". You will get an archive with one file inside, vanilla2export.php.

Extract it and then, go on our webspace (FTP or local), and put the script at you forum's root folder.

If you don't know your MySql credentials, go to conf/database.php and check for them.

You can also check for the Table Prefix (here it's LUM_ according to the screenshot).

Do not forget to backup your database and your files, to prevent any lose data.

You can now go to yourforumroot.com/vanilla2export.php to run the script. You get the same screen as me (see next picture). Select Vanilla 1 in the dropdown, fill all fields with your MySql credentials, check if the Table Prefix is correct, export "All supported data", check "Files" and then click "Begin Export". It may take a while if you have a large forum with many isers, many topics and many comments.

When export is finished you gonna see a "It Worked ! You're Free ! Sweet sweet vitory." message at the end of the page. Now go to your forum root, next to vanilla2export.php a new file is here ! A file called "export_some-sumbers.txt.gz". Save it in a safe place ! This is your forum data exported for Vanilla 2 !

Now you can change your PHP version to PHP 7.3. If you can't for the moment, note that the last Vanilla 2 version that supports PHP 5 is Vanilla 2.3 but in this case some steps will be diffrent. So if you are on PHP 7, Hooray ! Let's download  Vanilla 2.8.1, the last release when I wrote this, and delete Vanilla 1 from your webspace (but keep a backup !).

Extract Vanilla 2 archive on your webspace, at your forum's root. You gonna see an "upload" folder. Put you Export File inside this folder then access to your forum throught your browser.

You will be redirected to an Forum Setup page, you'll need to set up a new forum then import the old one. Fill up MySql credentials and check "Use Vanilla's .htaccess". 

Fill rest of the page with your own credentials. Don"t worry if you do a mistake, those credentials will be overwritten when importing the old forum.

When finished, click "Continue". The process can take a little bit of time. 

You will be redirected to the Getting Started page. If you see it, you WIN ! You can now open conf/config.php on your webspace and add the following line at the end to enable forum import feature:

$Configuration['Feature']['Import']['Enabled'] = true;

Go back to your Getting Started page. Click on the "Settings" tab, then check at the bottom left of your page, you'll see a menu "Forum Data" with "Import" link ! Click on it. 







You will get the same screen as me (see below). In the Import source, check "export_bullshit.txt.gz" and put the Vanilla 1 administrator email, then click "Start". 

You will see some info, check if everything is correct then click "Start Import". You will see the success message (like me, see)

You will note that the profile picture on the top right has changed to the one you had on Vanilla 1. Everything is good ! Just go check in "Membership" - "Roles & Permissions" every role is like on Vanilla 1, then, run the update script http://exemple.com/utility/update (exemple.com is your forum adress). You should see this:

Next we will ask Vanilla to count everything and put it in cache. If you do not do this at least one time before openning again you could get some errors. Go to http://exemple.com/dba/counts (exemple.com is your forum adress). Check every checkbox and click "Start". The process can take some time, depends on your forum size. 

Here we are ! Your forum is up to date, safe and beautiful !

You miss your old forum theme ? No worries, we made a theme especially for this ! Download it on the official Vanilla = 2 Website: https://open.vanillaforums.com/addon/onestillalive-theme !

Need help ? Ask on the support forums !

Have a nice day !

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